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Young Perspective was founded in July 2013 in order to help young writers achieve their ambitions as journalists by developing a portfolio of work. While the team of writers at Young Perspective is currently quite small, we would like to extend the invitation to contribute to the website and build a portfolio to every budding writer, journalist, critic and photographer out there.

Journalism and photography are competitive areas of work which heavily rely on proof of previous work and experience. There is nothing like a good portfolio and experience to stand out as some one who is talented, interested and well prepared.

Not only that, but it is great to start young. To write for Young Perspective, you need to be between the ages of 15 and 25 and there is really no harm in starting at the lowest end of that age bracket. While the first ever piece you write mightn’t seem in ten years like it will really fit in the portfolio you show to a potential employer, it is still a fantastic exercise, great to get published early and incredibly useful to get public and peer feedback on your writing, so that you can hone and improve your skills.

In short, Young Perspective exists to help young writers like yourself improve their writing, public profile and ultimately their job prospects.

There are loads of different roles at Young Perspective, each of which come with varying levels of responsibility and commitment. Even though you don’t have to decide which role you would like to take on with your initial application, it is a good idea to glance at the different roles and to get a feel for Young Perspective as an organisation. Click here to read about the different roles.

Non-writing Roles

Along with the normal, writing related roles at Young Perspective, there are also a few non-writing positions available within the organisation. However, due to the nature of these roles, there is only one person per role, unlike with the writing positions.

Marketing Manager

This role is ideal for someone who has a good knowledge of marketing and is studying/interested in studying some form of business or marketing. Responsibilities will include dealing with advertising requests, identifying possible companies/organisations to sponsor Young Perspective and keeping track of the website stats to present to organisations potentially interested in advertising with us.

Social Media Manager

This role is ideal for someone with a good knowledge of social media and the most effective ways to promote a company/post using social media, hash tags and other methods. This is a great job for someone who is studying a form of marketing and/or computing, to help develop their promotional skills through hands on work with Young Perspective. Responsibilities include responding to social media interaction and promoting our newest articles through Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

Web/SEO Manager

As website manager, you will be responsible for Young Perspective’s search engine optimisation. You will use Google Webmaster, Analytics and other tools to help Young Perspective top search results and to identify key information about our visitors to help with future strategy. This is ideal for someone interested in going into SEO or other web related professions.

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