Wil Greenway: Either side of everything

 Wil Greenway returns to the Edinburgh Fringe festival for the third time in a row with his new show Either Side of Everything. His show is, once again, a mix of storytelling, music and comedy that is truly unique at the Fringe.

His show was the perfect antidote to the coldness and wetness of the last week of the festival. Accompanied by a folk music duo and a quite guitar, Greenway tells four intertwined and non-chronological stories. A story about a boy, two friends having a heart-to-heart, a woman burying her dog and a beetle on the way home. They are stories of life and co-incidents, of growing and grieving, of car rides and figs.

Greenway is a wonderful storyteller. His raspy voice and calm and confident stage presence pulls he audience in and makes them forget about the bustling rush of the Fringe. He creates a bubble of a warm and cozy atmosphere that you don’t want to leave.


And although beautiful and intriguing I struggle categorising the show – it’s not quite comedic enough to be comedy or musical enough to be labelled music. That being said, Wil Greenway is one of the best storytellers you can see at this Fringe festival and supported by the folky tunes of Kathryn Langshaw and Will Galloway it is a show that you don’t want to miss.

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