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Rob Lloyd has a problem. He has been called to account by his consciousness for the crime of Doctor Who fanaticism. It is up to the Australian funnyman to convince the jury (i.e. the audience) that his passion for Doctor Who has not ruined his life. When it gets away from its slightly bizarre premise, Who, Me is a funny, endearing show about how Lloyd first got introduced to the TV series, and the many ways it changed him.


Lloyd is a captivating, effortlessly funny storyteller. With pictures from his youth to aid him, Lloyd draws the audience into the world he inhabits. Each of his adventures draws you in more than the last. From seeking acceptance within the reserved Doctor Who fan community, to the extreme lengths taken to acquire as many Doctor Who VHS as possible, Lloyd manages to make his exploits wonderfully relatable and humorous. A particularly profound anecdote comes with the story of how Lloyd used the Doctor for inspiration during his tenure teaching at a particularly rough Australian high school.

Thus, it is a shame that some parts of the show are less engrossing. Choosing to start with an intentionally painful set of Doctor Who puns, followed by a sing-along, the audience could be forgiven for wondering where Rob Lloyd is going. Thankfully, the bulk of the show boils down to an interesting look into his mania. Nevertheless, the courtroom-style setting for this drama is a little forced. The exposition at the start is not as funny as it should be, particularly given the level of comedy Lloyd attains when simply relating his tale. By the time the clunky trial concludes, it is difficult to see why the legal setting was required in the first place.

As strange as some moments are, Who, Me is an honest, soul-bearing look into Lloyd’s story. Crammed with nerd jokes and references to both classic and new series, every Whovian is guaranteed to enjoy this hour with the man that David Tennant looks like.


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