Vulvarine – Edinburgh Fringe 2018

‘Vulvarine’ by the emerging musical theatre company Fat Rascal is a hilarious force of femininity. Fresh off the heels of the superhero movie trend, this new production tackles the patriarchy to the ground in hot pink lycra to the sound of upbeat showtunes. It is sassy, outrageously silly, and full of heart.

When unfulfilled High Wycombe local Bryony is administered a new hormone drug by doctors, she obtains the powers of what is truly the unsung hero of the deep: the sea urchin. Suddenly equipped with spines, Bryony dons a sparkly mask and the name of Vulvarine, dedicating herself to spreading gender equality in Southeast England. No longer do men whistle at women from cars, women become inspired to follow their dreams, and there is finally space to sit down on the bus for everyone. But with newfound fame come enemies, and  Vulvarine finds herself up against the evil Mansplainer who aims to drug all of womankind into submission.

The story follows the same narrative of the typical superhero plot, however it is a refreshing take on a genre that is slowly becoming tired and over-saturated. Fat Rascal have managed to make a superhero show that stays down to earth in a way that many don’t, and as a result is deliver a fast-paced and exciting show that does not lose itself in its attempts to be flashy.

The choreography of the show’s musical numbers are sharp, performed by an outstanding cast with great vocals and seemingly boundless energy. Not sparing a second of time, the show leaps from scene to scene with a breathless enthusiasm, and the humour is witty with laughs coming quick and easily (there’s a joke in there somewhere).

Funny and empowering without being pandering or preachy, ‘Vulvarine’ is a mile-a-minute delight, guaranteed to have you raving about it over prosecco and make you reconsider reviving spandex into your daily wardrobe ensemble.


Vulvarine runs until the 26th of August –


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