TV Debates: What a mess!

So those TV debates we were meant to be having in the General Election 2015 have apparently fallen apart at the seams. Apparently David Cameron has blocked Nick Clegg from appearing in the scheduled debate three weeks before the polling day in order that Cameron himself is not the only leader who would be absent. Meanwhile Labour continue in their attempts to claim the victory here in reaffirming the point that Ed Miliband will most certainly be in attendance and, hear this, have his own personal interview where he will answer audience questions. What a bore! And better yet, we are no closer to the electorate having a genuine chance to cross-analyse the policies of the major political players in the UK as a whole.

The whole point of a TV debate, as said above, is that the electorate, and do excuse me for my bluntness here, who are often quite sheep-like and stupid have the policies of each major party laid bare in front of them. Quite often the winner is the individual who manages to succinctly deliver their policies and defeat the others in a war of personality which is why Nick Clegg did so well in the last debates. And now Cameron has the cheek to say that the TV debates “suck the life out of the campaign”. With as much effort as possible to hide my political leanings it has to be said that only a man who is scared he has something to lose would say such a thing.

The schedule currently sits as 26 March: Live question and answer programme on Channel 4 and Sky News featuring David Cameron and Ed Miliband separately, presented by Jeremy Paxman and Kay Burley; 2 April: Debate with seven party leaders on ITV, moderated by Julie Etchingham; 16 April: Debate between five opposition party leaders on the BBC, moderated by David Dimbleby; 30 April: BBC Question Time programme with David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg, presented by David Dimbleby. So in reality there is only one opportunity for the electorate to see the wider range of the political spectrum on offer. Also, it must be said that we should be thankful there are three women involved, because there is nothing more degrading than watching four public schoolboys having a live pissing contest. They do not, and I believe they will not, conduct themselves in a manner that men should.

Put quite simply, we have hit a wall in this country of ours when it comes to politics. There is no genuine left wing option anymore and what is left wing is generally quite liberal. There are three parties which quite comfortably hold the centre ground, I bet you can guess which ones, and the party which sadly appeals to many, dare I say it, working class people as an alternative is UKIP. Thankfully, we have recently come to see that UKIP are indeed a party of racism and small minded politics. I am not biasing anyone here: wherever there are cracks in the policies of each of the individual parties I believe those who are in the audience, moderating and indeed being questioned should be seeking to expose them to the public. For all that I might say in anger about the likes of the Tories and UKIP TV debates should be a chance for all policy flaws to be well and truly shown for what they are.

I would encourage you to think for yourselves and not to rely on the political point scoring which will be the main focus of the TV debates. Call me pessimistic but I can’t see the debates amounting to much because realistically the debate will always centre on Cameron and Miliband unfortunately, as people are more concerned with how a politician conducts themselves and how they sell themselves than what they propose.

However, I will have genuine respect for the party or politician who genuinely engages the electorate and at least attempts to help them. I will respect the politician who remembers the answer to the electorate, who admits when they don’t have the answer and can declare that they agree with their opposition when they do.

Image: Jeremy Paxman will present a Q & A with Ed Miliband and David Cameron seperately on Channel 4 and Sky, while the BBC will show a Question Time special and host a debate featuring five party leaders. © BBC/Jeff Overs.

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