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Trump: the real enemy?

The current American presidential race has been potentially the most unique in known history. Never before has the stakes seemed so high but the fate of the future of the United States seems to hang in the balance but truly who is the best choice for the American people? Only they themselves can know who the best is for them. However, the liberal media is content to paint Donald Trump as a negative choice and one who would wreak havoc on the United States and the world. We have to ask ourselves about the true nature of Mr Trump and what the outcomes of his potential election would be.

Donald Trump is a 70 year old businessman turned reality TV star and probably most famous for his appearance in the TV series The Apprentice. He is now the Republican hopeful for the position of forty fifth President of the United States of America in opposition to Hilary Clinton. He has, according to himself, self-funded his whole campaign which has garnered support from those who oppose “Wall Street control” of past presidents especially before and during their presidency. His campaign has come into a large degree of controversy over the its span due to Mr Trump’s views on immigration, legal and illegal; his apparent views on women, and his past comments of a politically incorrect nature. Mr Trump’s whole campaign has, however, been an affront to political correctness and a necessary challenge to its very ideological core. However, let us analyse, in a little further detail, the nature of Mr Trump’s political belief.

The BBC wrote a piece recently outlining 30 things that Trump believes and as such we will make a start here:

  1. He believes that more has to be done to fight militant Islam and as such this will also require being more vigilant regarding home-grown militants and this may potentially include keeping surveillance on US mosques.
  2. He believes the tax threshold for paying no tax should be raised to allow more people on lower wages not to pay tax while ensuring that business rates decrease in order to encourage more industrial and business investment in the country.
  3. He believes in securing the US Mexico border more heavily and deporting all illegal immigrants as quickly as possible.
  4. He believes in better US Russian relations.
  5. China should be punished for what he effectively labels a too large and negative influence on the global market.
  6. He believes that climate change is just changes in weather and represents no serious threat to civilisation as has been reported by many of the climate action groups across the world.
  7. He believes that the Federal Minimum Wage should be increased.

Now these are just seven of the full thirty points that I have paraphrased to give a brief overview of his general structure of belief.

I may have simply biased my whole argument by my paraphrasing of the points made but I have to ask anyone with any degree of intelligence, where is the controversy in these opinions? Considering I have heard on many an occasion the insult of “Fascist” and “racist” hurled in his direction I cannot begin to understand how the reality lives up the media projected image of the man. Absolutely, the man has some unique character traits which flavour him as flamboyant and politically incorrect but there yet remains no basis for the vitriol he receives. Yet we must address his past comments about women.

The Telegraph ah constructed a little “Sexism Tracker” for all of you out there who are by nature politically correct and take much umbrage with sexism in any form. When I read the compilation that the Telegraph have very helpfully made up I firstly think to myself that Donald Trump’s past negative comments about particular women are being inflated as sexism when in fact they are merely negative comments and happen to be about women – I’m sure that you can find just as many said by him about other men. Secondly, in this day and age we have taken a very illegal and very dangerous step in the direction of conflating racism sexism and observations on biological, ethnic and cultural fact. Even simply to notice someone as of a non-Caucasian race or as a non “cisgender male” and then attribute to them a negative comment is seen as attacking them on the basis of their sex, gender, race etc. The liberal media and the modern liberal mind-set takes great pleasure in outrage and it is something they take as a right to be.

Trump’s main point of loss is simply his comparison to his Democratic counterpart, Hilary Clinton, who is often seen as the lesser of two evils. This cannot be seen to be true, however, especially when those who judge Mr Trump with a certain moral compass do not apply to Mrs Clinton the same compass. Jill Stein, of the American Green Party, certainly believes that Trump is preferably to Clinton and considering that Green parties are seen to be somehow more noble and democratic than all other by most liberals then they ought to sit up and take heed. Here is why Clinton is more dangerous than Trump:

  1. Simply by being a woman, and potentially the first female President, she is more likely to get elected on the basis of her biology than her policies.
  2. Clinton supported, and still supports, the removal of Middle Eastern “Dictators” and the subsequent slip into chaos which has followed the removal of Saddam and Gadhafi.
  3. Her crimes regarding the sharing of information via private email has still not been tackled and as such she has avoided the issue altogether by the bending of law.
  4. Clinton openly supports fervent interventionism while Trump is less enthusiastic.
  5. Clinton has actively protected her husband from prosecution regarding sexual misconduct and rape and has lied regarding this.

Let me be clear I am not a Trump supporter but you must ask yourselves whether or not Clinton is the lesser of the two evils. Clinton is no feminist icon and nor is she the dove of peace which the Democrats would have you believe. Trump has his beliefs and, quite simply, he knows and has full faith in them – Clinton believes in whosoever is paying.

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