[Title of Show]

[Title of Show] – Cobbles and Rhyme Productions
4th-29th August (not the 16th), 21:20
C Cubed, Venue 50

Initially written by Jeff Bowen and Hunter Bell, [Title of Show] is simply a musical about writing a musical. Due to its brilliant self-awareness, [Title of Show] really is unique, especially since not many musicals have songs sung by blank pieces of paper.

Following the story of its own creation, this award-winning musical is about two friends, Jeff and Hunter, with big dreams to make it on Broadway. After learning about applications for the New York Musical Theatre Festival, the two decide to write a musical with the help of their actor friends Heidi and Susan. [Title of Show] thus accounts the three week process of writing the musical for the festival and then what happened afterwards.

The writing really does speak for itself, it is so brilliant that it had the audience chuckling throughout. Nevertheless, co-directors Hope Cotteril and Jack Reitman really did this show justice, making particularly good use of the space. Not only was it incredibly funny but had catchy songs and I must admit I was singing ‘Nine People’s Favourite Thing’ all the way home.

It must also be said that the show was also extremely well cast, with only four actors (not including the brilliant pianist) it would be easy to notice any weak links. However this certainly is not the case with this production. All four actors were incredible singers and really seemed to grasp their characters. Harvey Westwood as Hunter was my favourite as he had the whole audience in fits of laughter for the majority of the play. Similarly, Charlie Walker as Susan was brilliantly sarcastic and a very relatable character, for me at least.

Whilst I had only heard of [Title of Show] before, I would now strongly recommend it, particularly if you’re a musical lover. Stunning vocals, witty dialogue and brilliant direction really do make Cobbles and Rhyme Productions’ [Title of Show] a must-see at this year’s Fringe.

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