Tilda Swinton Answers an Ad on Craiglist

This comedy has enjoyed sell-out success over in the States and has come to the Fringe in seek of fair fortunes on this side of the pond. Playing at the Assembly’s Bubble theatre at George Square it is an hour of comedy that, although entertaining, has a number of flaws.

Following the simple plot of a distraught boyfriend hallucinating after an attempted overdose, the show is full of easy laughs playing on the over-exaggeration of the character of Tilda Swinton. Played by Buffy and Instagram star Tom Lenk, Tilda was the redeeming feature of the entire production with her fellow cast members nowhere near her level of humour or panache. The two supporting characters who switched between father, mother, exboyfriends were good plot devices and supported Lenk well but sadly the other main, playing the boyfriend who Tilda was supposedly impersonating for her next film, lacked the same ease and stage presence.


The audience found the show fantastically funny and that’s all that matters. It helped to be completely up to scratch with all the films Tilda Swinton has been involved in and who she played as a lot of the jokes were related to these performances. It was an enjoyable hour but Lenk outshone his fellow cast members and I felt sure that if the comedy had been maintained at a similar level by the others it would have been even better.

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