Thrones! The Musical

Thrones! The Musical returns to Edinburgh Fringe from the company behind Baby Wants Candy for a third sell-out production run.

As promised the show deals with the story line of the Game of Thrones TV series giving the audience a hilarious whirlwind tour through the trials and tribulations of the beloved characters of Westeros. Exaggerating our well-known character’a mannerisms they effortlessly bring them to the stage of a small lecture theatre in the Edinburgh Fringe with small costume changes and recognizable props. It is ingenious how the company has managed to boil these complex characters with mountains of baggage into these identifiable features.

For what is advertised in the programme Thrones! The Musical delivers all and more. The audience is delighted with the witty songs cleverly simplifying Game of Thrones events and stories into funny ballads and duets. It isn’t the fanciest of productions or even the slickest and although they update the show with the new happenings of season 7 it is largely the same show from last year, but this doesn’t matter for the audience who get exactly what they want – their beloved Game of Thrones brought to life in front of their eyes by people they can see clearly love it as much as they do.

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