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UK paranormal drama ‘The Messenger’ stars Robert Sheehan as Jack, whose ability to speak to ghosts causes him to become involved in a high profile death. Under the concerned, if not scrutinous eye of his sister, her partner and the police, Jack attempts to convince the now widowed Sarah Lewis that her husband wants to say goodbye.

Despite having a rather basic plot, the majority of the film lost direction, meaning that when it came to the last 30 minutes, it was forced to end three or four times. Each of the endings were successful in tying up a single plotline, but by their nature endings should be singular and final. Unfortunately, the balance between the protagonist’s personal struggles and the wider situation he found himself in was not struck, resulting in an ultimately directionless plot.

Don’t get me wrong, there were a few touching and emotional moments. Sheehan was highly impressive at points, managing a good combination of dark humour and mania, though it was Tamzin Merchant playing Sarah Lewis who consistently delivered a convincing and deeply emotional performance. These however could not salvage the first two thirds of this film.

Overall, ‘The Messenger’ was nothing particularly special in any way and redeeming features were few and far between. It lacked direction, focus and most importantly energy and is unlikely to gain substantial positive reception on a large scale.

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