The Flop

A raucous production between Hijinx Theatre company and Spymonkey, The Flop is sure to please those with any sense of humour but especially anyone who enjoys the slightly risque and tongue-in-cheek. Having seen a  previous production by Hijinx in 2016, the sell-out Meet Fred, I was extremely pleased to catch them again as I think their inclusive cast always produce a show of great quality, uniquely aware of their abilities and how to achieve the best results.

Based on the surprisingly true story of the Marquis De Langey who is forced to prove his virility and performance ability in the bedroom in front of a court, this is a farce that will have you laughing for days. Continuously breaking the fourth walls with increasingly witty snappy lines the company rampages at an extraordinary pace through their tale of impotence and woe. With a versatile set scene changes are quick and often accompanied by a hilarious, albeit absolutely bizarre, monologue from one of the cast (usually completely unrelated to the show). A particularly weird monologue braces us for the appearances of hedgehogs in the French court, whilst a flamenco routine has the audience cheering along.

With costume changes, character swaps, and props running amok there’s no end to the chaos on stage and it is all the better for it. There is sometimes nothing better than seeing the cast on stage enjoying themselves and The Flop is no exception. The two woman were especially great. One, the silly princess who managed more digs at sexism in the 1800s then one would imagine possible whilst wearing a puffed out white wig and more layers than an onion, and the second, the outrageous aunt and judge, whose routine switching between the two was comedy gold. A must-have on the Fringe calendar it’s one for daring adults with children. Prepare yourselves for some gutty humour for the parents and some silly props for the kids…

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