Michael Legge: The Idiot – Edinburgh Fringe

There are some acts that I watch where I spend as much time worrying about their vocal chords as I do enjoying their material. Michael Legge is one such act, who rarely seems to lower the decimal level below that of a furious shout, leaving you imagining his throat shredded like the angriest of metal band frontmen. Luckily, however, his material tends to be strong enough to overcome the worry. 

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Space Junk: A Soviet Musical

I went into this show with the idea that it could help me learn more for work – part of my day job involves educating young people about the Space Race – but then the first man in space was brutally assaulted by a bottle of vodka (no, not wielded as a weapon, an actual bottle with sentience and everything specifically targets him) and I realised that some aspects of astronaut life are better glossed over for the kiddos.

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