Mother and the Monster – Edinburgh Fringe

‘Mother and the Monster’ is a feminist investigation into the life of a woman who has been done terrible injustice. Its script offers great capacity for original interpretation. However, this production suffers from a large absence of directorial coordination. It is partly because of this that its talented cast do not shine.

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Accident Avoidance Training for Cutlery Users – Edinburgh Fringe

This afternoon I received a serious investment in my wellbeing. This was provided by Ian Crawford, an adviser from the Steel and Cutlery Manufacturers Association. His talk on the horrific injuries caused by cutlery was shocking. It also happens that it was an extremely hilarious experience, which doesn’t say much for my compassion.

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Michael Legge: The Idiot – Edinburgh Fringe

There are some acts that I watch where I spend as much time worrying about their vocal chords as I do enjoying their material. Michael Legge is one such act, who rarely seems to lower the decimal level below that of a furious shout, leaving you imagining his throat shredded like the angriest of metal band frontmen. Luckily, however, his material tends to be strong enough to overcome the worry. 

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