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Swung review

With the tagline “It takes more than two to tango” Glasgow-based ‘Swung’ explores the nature of Swingers and sex as a means of opening and closing channels of communication within a relationship. Alice proposes magazine coverage about swingers after her partner absentmindedly makes himself an online profile whilst on hold to the job centre. Naturally, the two get caught up in this new world where they discover the hilarity and sadness behind intimacy with strangers.
The film seems split into three parts; the run up to the first, second and final swingers the couple meet. Before and after each of these events the nature of their relationship shifts and evolves due to their changing perspective on sex.

An emotional and, unsurprisingly, graphic film, ‘Swung’ features highly sensitive and compassionate portrayals, which highlight the awkwardness and comfort of sex. Certainly not a family movie, but one which gives a thought-provoking and poignant conclusion.

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Catriona Davidson
Catriona Davidson joined Young Perspective in September 2013, concentrating largely on theatre reviews in Edinburgh. Among her articles was a controversial review of Stewart Lee which the comedian featured on his website. Catriona stopped writing for this website in 2015 and everyone at Young Perspective would like to wish her all the best with her future endeavours.
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