2016 Scottish Elections: SNP on top

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The results are now declared. The SNP have taken 63 seats, making them the largest party in the new Scottish Parliament. Yet, the party fell two votes short of the 65 (out of a total of 129) required to form a majority in Holyrood.

The Conservatives made substantial gains in this election, securing 31 seats ahead of Labour’s 24. Trailing them are the Green Party with 6 seats and the Lib Dems with 5.

In comparison to the last Scottish Parliamentary election in 2011, there has been a significant shift in the seat-share. The Conservatives won big in 2016, gaining more 16 seats, as did the Green party, who gained 4 more to surpass the Lib Dems as Scotland’s fourth-largest party.

Yet, the SNP and Labour did much less well. The SNP lost 6 of the seats it gained in 2011, and Scottish Labour lost a whopping 13 seats. The loss of 6 seats for the SNP is crucial, as it means that the party can no longer boast the majority which it had been able to do in 2011.

The 2016 Scottish Parliamentary election has also been tough on independents, where Margo McDonald lost the Lothian seat which she had secured in 2011.

Without a majority in Holyrood, will the results of the 2016 elections pull the proverbial rug from beneath the SNP’s feet?

Written by Gareth Luke

08:17 AM

Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party has held power in Scotland with all constituency votes counted and the majority of regional seats in. However, with 115 of 129 seats counted, they are yet to reach the 65 seats they require for a majority at Holyrood

As predicted, the SNP swept to huge wins in the constituency seats, largely at the expense of Scottish Labour, who failed to win a single seat in Glasgow and, so far, have only picked up three first past the post seats across the whole of Scotland. Although she failed to win her constituency seat, leader Kezia Dugdale was elected through the party list vote and has vowed to continue as Scottish Labour leader, a move Senior Labour figures have backed.

The Scottish Liberal Democrats, Scottish Conservatives and Scottish Greens have all enjoyed good nights picking up seats across Scotland. The Scottish Lib Dems took the first seat of the night in Orkney Islands, while their leader Will Rennie also won election in North East Fife, taking their current total to 4 seats.

Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, won her seat in Central Edinburgh from the SNP, as part of 25 seats her party have taken so far across the country. The Scottish Conservatives have enjoyed a a swing of +8.1% in the constituency, at the cost of Scottish Labour, who have suffered -9.2%.

The Scottish Greens have also enjoyed a good night, picking up their largest ever number of Scottish seats, with ballots still to be counted. Although he failed to win election in his constituency against a strong SNP, Patrick Harvie achieved second place in Glasgow Kelvin and the Scottish Greens have won 6 seats on the regional lists – an increase of four.

Written by Isaac Callan

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