Wearable technology is the latest installment in the history of communication.

Smoke signals to smartwatches

Although the wearable market is one which has been around and growing for several years, with Pebble shipping one million units of its smartwatch, it has only exploded into the public consciousness with the launch of the Apple Watch.

As with the tablet market and the launch of the iPad, Apple have managed to capture the public’s (and importantly media’s) imagination with their newest line of technology and now wearables – despite not yet having a clearly defined purpose – are all people can talk about.

However, Apple weren’t first to the wearable game and they weren’t first to the communication game either, that was the Native Americans with smoke signals. They didn’t invent the fax machine (1846) or the radio either (1919).  Pioneer Business Systems have created an entertaining timeline of communication from the beginning right up to the present day, with some interesting historical details along the way, it is worth checking out here.

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