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Singin’ in the rain review

For the next two weeks, ‘Singin’ in the Rain’, a classic musical set in the 1920s, continues at the Festival Theatre. Featuring an extremely strong cast and a brilliant ensemble to match the incredible core cast, Singin’ in the Rain really is a fantastic spectacle. The musical is light-hearted, funny and fast-paced, with no room to breathe or pause. This is excellent as it ties in beautifully with the setting of the media industry, during the introduction of the motion picture for the first time.
The story follows Don Lockwood, played excellently in this production by James Leece, who was strong in each and every scene, perfectly executing the famous umbrella moment, best known for Gene Kelly’s famous portrayal. This particular scene was memorable not only for the brilliant choreography and singing, but for the 12,000 litres of water used per performance.

Leece’s co-star Amy Ellen Richardson brought character Kathy Selden to life, with stunning performance of ‘You Were Meant for Me’, among the highlights of her brilliant acting and singing.

Other stars of the performance Faye Tozer (playing Lina Lamont) and Stephane Anelli (Cosmo Brown) provided perfect comedic timing and incredibly endearing and massive personalities.

For a spirited and awe-inspiring performance book tickets now at, though if you’re in the front few rows, an umbrella or cover is advised.

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