Simon Munnery: The Wreath

Simon Munnery’s 2018 Fringe show ‘The Wreath’ is a jarring juxtaposition of jubilation and disappointment. Jubilation that you have gotten to witness such a great and insightful hour, and disappointment that a true comedy icon such as Munnery has to work a real job as well.

Thankfully, however, the real job that Munnery was forced to take on (working as a cleaner in an egg factory/processing plant) has lent itself to the same level of analysis and investigation that has made Munnery (in hardcore comedy circles) famous. His eye for detail, particularly in discussing his new job’s motto, in stunning, and leads to some of the funniest and most cerebral comedy you are ever likely to come across.

This, slung on a narrative of the journey of a ‘real joke’ ( proper cracker about the eponymous Wreath), is a joy to behold, as you find yourself unravelling the almost riddle-like structure of some of the routines, finding true nuggets of gold as you do so. A reading of an online conversation between Munnery and Canadian comedy legend Boothby Graffoe, is particularly uproariously funny, for reasons I can’t quite pinpoint, and a note left to a homeowner which dissects the phrase ‘always leave a room better than you found it’ is so stunningly ingenious that I am jealous of anyone who hasn’t heard it yet, as they’ll get to experience it anew.

There are some slight hiccups; a literal interpretation of a song which opens the show is a little slow and contrived, and some lines fall more into the philosophical than the humorous, but for the most part this is just Munnery at his insightful and thoughtful best. Please buy a ticket so he can focus on writing more incredible stuff like this, even if the lack of a day job may deprive him of inspiration.


The Wreath runs until the 26th of August –

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Scott Redmond

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