Sh*t Faced Shakespeare – Hamlet

Gosh this show has grown and grown in popularity. Now playing the absolutely massive McEwan Hall, this troupe of actors prepared to get sloshed for our entertainment have a larger audience than ever. It is a testament to their legendary status at the Edinburgh Fringe now as a must-see event that they are continuously sold out. It is also a testament to our humour as the British public that we do so love to see drunk people on a stage!

Performing Hamlet this year, the cast members take it, in turn, to get drunk each on a different night. By some unnerving coincidence, I have always seen a lovely blonde getting absolutely hammered. I was starting to be a disbeliever in the magical roster that chose different cast members due to this occurrence but I was assured by a friend who attended another night that someone else was indeed shitfaced.

The premise is simple, a shortened version of the Shakespeare is performed in 1 hour with one member of the cast drunk. The other actors wade steadfastly on with the script whilst the drunken actor usually causes mayhem. A referee is appointed to stop too many disruptions which on the evening in question usually consisted of the drunk actress apologising for using the C-word. The show enchants and amuses without fail and is a veritable hit with its admittedly also drunk audience. Not one for the faint-hearted or the overly sober it is well suited to it’s latenight slot of 22.50 and I do advocate a pint in hand for maximum enjoyment. Despite their drunk colleague the rest of the cast always deliver a good abridged Shakespeare and I daresay Shakespeare is best enjoyed through the rose-tinted lenses of one inebriated with alcohol anyway this late in the Fringe!

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