Shall We Dance?

‘Shall We Dance?’ is a charming, fun evening that will get you up on your feet learning new ballroom moves, even if you turned up in skinny jeans and usually shy away from dancefloors.

Led by enthusiastic and encouraging teachers, the evening manages to create a good balance between interactive workshop, showcase, and social dancing, which means that there is always a moment for everyone to enjoy. The atmosphere is very welcoming and relaxed, as people are encouraged to come and go as they please to the bar and back. The floor itself is large enough for a decent number of couples to move throughout the space without too many collisions.

The live band (Radio Pachuco) performing are great and have a wide range of arrangements for people to dance or listen to, and add an authentic vibe to the night as pre-recorded music is saved for the short class and the choreographed showcase sections. The showcase for this evening was a performance by Scotland’s current vice champions, Heather Brandon and Sauilis Motuzis.

While at times reminiscent of a wedding reception, the evening is still highly entertaining and you will undoubtedly come away with new skills. I would highly recommend coming with a partner or a group to take onto the dancefloor with you.

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