Shakespeare for Breakfast

Performing it’s 26th year at the Fringe, Shakespeare for Breakfast brings the world of William Shakespeare to the modern day in an hour long fast paced comedy with added free coffee, tea and croissants. I’m not the greatest fan of Shakespeare himself – the plays often take three hours to say what could have been said in thirty minutes – and I can appreciate the beauty of his scripts but often on stage it fails to be realised.

However Shakespeare for Breakfast, performing at the tricky time of ten am, does the image of Shakespeare justice. They update his work to a modern setting providing an hour of sharp wit, enthusiasm and professionalism for groggy Fringe goers. Perfect for the hungover, the family starting their day, the veteran Bard fans or the curious it is a fantastic Fringe show. Shows at the Fringe have been getting longer and longer and losing their format of a quick hour show jam-packed with jokes and fun acting and Shakespeare for Breakfast restores all faith in the Fringe. This review is as short and snappy as the show as there’s little to be said but drag yourself out of bed and see it. It’s fantastic fun and I’ve never left a show feeling more invested in the intricate world of gardening and Macbeth.

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