Shakespeare for Breakfast

Possibly one of the Fringe’s longest most popular troupes the company at C Venues brings Shakespeare for Breakfast back to the festival this year. A modern retelling of the Bard’s tale of the Taming of the Shrew with croissants and coffee it’s a delightful way to begin the day!

With some wonderful interaction from some very brave audience members the four actors tell us the story of Katherine and Bianca, the two daughters of the owner of Jellied Heels – a leading shoe shop. With suitors like Pete Zukio, Gregorio (a nervous audience member) and a very noble but nervous teacher the two girls are courted and wed. The entire show is fast-paced and hilarious, with far too many shoe puns to count and has the audience gasping for breath after laughing so hard.

I enjoyed the modern additions to the story and I think it’s extremely important to encourage audiences today to continue to enjoy Shakespeare’s works, even if this one may have some Love Island references included…

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