Sex Shells

At 9.20pm in the Underbelly Cowgate you can experience London’s self-proclaimed campest musical sketch comedy quartet. With a claim to fame such as this you would be forgiven for expecting a barrel of laughs and some songs to fill an hour and you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Although the night I attended, just before the festival began, suffered from some technical teething issues which detracted from the overall smoothness of the production the glimmers of greatness were there. The four members, three men dressed flamboyantly in various pink raunchy affairs, and a talented glittery female pianist, came across as a little nervous and stumbled briefly on occasion. However, once they had hit their stride they had the audience wrapped around their little finger.

With a variety of songs using tunes from Disney to pop to Broadway, the subjects that were extremely topical and smartly executed. Although it is possible one could definitely tell the Sex Shells songs, sketches and choreography were very London-centric there was enough material that was applicable to all walks of life and nationality. A particular favourite was Gentrification even though it was very London specific I thought it was extremely well written and thought out.

Each performer had their own character and enough confidence to fill several other people. They had a good chemistry on stage and worked well as a group though there were occasions where they seemed a little unsure of their space on stage – something that will undoubtedly improve as they get used to their venue.

Sex Shells was an enjoyable hour and I can see it proving a hit with the Cowgate crowd, a perfect start to an evening out. I would definitely recommend a pint in hand to help raise your enthusiasm to a level that can match the quartets enviable energy.

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