Sam Simmons – Not a People Person

Where/When- Underbelly Potterrow, 20:15.

Sam Simmons is in an odd situation – massive success last year, including the Edinburgh Fringe Comedy award and the Melbourne Festival’s Barry award, as well as a fantastic psuedo-sitcom Problems has left him with an audience that have been lured in by the hype but don’t really know what to expect.

For every big Simmons fan who is bent over laughing at every absurd premise-  eagles with erections or attempting to work the mic using kangaroo paws- there are two of three baffled punters who just seem baffled. At certain sections, him dancing around with his penis on show for example, lead to audible groans or cries of “what?” but for those who enjoy the experience it only adds to the show. Knowing that you’re in on the joke and they aren’t is part of the fun.
The show, early in it’s run, is having what seems to be some teething problems however-  slight tech issues or Simmons’ not knowing perfectly the order he wants the bits to go in – at first seem to detract but by the end you’re never really sure if they were real or simply staged for effect. This, along with the audio interludes and physical aspects, give the entire show the feeling of being more a one man theatrical experience than a stand-up show, complete with a plot of some sort.
The plot, if it can be described as such, involved the Beach Boys’ classic Kokomo, cold lamb chops and more birds than a Alfred Hitchcock film all of which seem completely unrelated until a fantastic closing spectacle brings them all together in a truly satisfying ending.
In all, if you’re more a traditional observational comedy fan you may want to give this a miss but if you like your comedy a little more absurd then this wonderfully, bizarrely, hilarious show may be the one for you.

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