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Run review

Run is a piece of theatre created by the Engineer Theatre Collective and alumni of the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama that is performed until the 31st at the Pleasance Courtyard at 13.15.

Run follows the mental health and stresses of four promising interns in a banking company over a 10 week period. All four characters are competing for one position and tensions run very high between the four aspirational characters.

The acting in this show is flawless. Each character is defined, unique and the actor’s physicality is so natural to their character that you really feel that you are watching the character. One of the greatest things about the Fringe is that one day you will see a stony faced character onstage, and the next you will wander past that same actor wearing a cheeky grin on their face as they flyer the show to passers-by.

Direction was spot on too; the actors moved just the right amount and worked incredibly well to bring the script to life. Never before have I actually been excited for scene changes: each change was synchronised, swift and told a little more about the story. A physical moment was choreographed between the actors and they performed it at different times throughout scene changes. It involved small movements that were made very quickly – a stretch of the hand, head and shoulders, brushing down of trousers or a skirt, anxiously flexing hand muscles. It wasn’t totally clear what the meaning of these movements was, but it was an interesting addition to the show which highlights the Engineer Theatre Collective’s aim of creating ensemble-lead theatre. Conversations between the characters felt natural and true, at no point was the story unbelievable despite the intensity of the situation.

Run has one day left at the Fringe and I cannot stress how much I would recommend this show to those looking for some really good theatre, I hope it continues to be performed somewhere else during the rest of the year. It is intense, fascinating and there is strength in the writing, acting, directing, sound design and every other bit of the show.

Run press image – Engineer Theatre Collective (Richard Davenport)

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