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The Role of Political Correctness

Political Correctness is effectively the censorship of speech and expression by an individual which, in a society which upholds the value of freedom of expression, contradicts our core values as a society. Political correctness seems to spread out from universities and other, so called, ‘academic’ institutions in this country.

Many right wing commentators equate PC and Cultural Marxism. Well, what is Cultural Marxism? This is a harder question to answer. There appears to be no certain definition of what Cultural Marxism exactly is except that it is the application of Marxist theory onto Culture because, from this point of view, cultural is seen as the cause of many inequalities. Thus, we see the arising of feminist terms such as ‘patriarchy’ and ‘reverse racism is impossible’ which see the culture itself as the issue and therefore the thing that needs to be tackled. This, therefore, is an apt manner in which to view PC – as Cultural Marxism.

Political Correctness today seems to grow out of the student body in universities and their drive for ‘progressive’ politics. This trend may well be changing in places but overall the Student Unions across the country seem to encourage a level of ‘progressive’ politic which, by its very nature, is actually regressive, anti-intellectual and stifles free-speech. We only have to look at the recent anti-Semitism row which erupted over Malia Bouattia’s past article to understand that the majority of the student body has no interest in open debate. Political Correctness has at its heart very good intentions but the reality is that it is both anti-Democratic and anti-Progressive. PC holds at its core some fundamental values in our modern world:

  1. Biology is always inferior to cultural considerations.
  2. Freedom of Speech does not include the Right to Offend.
  3. Europids deserved to be mocked because they are not in a minority grouping.
  4. Illiberal principles are defended under the guise of Liberalism.
  5. Violence can be justified when it is committed by minority group against a majority group.

A particularly big issue with PC, and the ‘Regressive Left’, is their defence of the concept of Hate Speech and Oppressive Speech. In this day and age you can be deemed to be ‘discriminatory’ for refusing to bake a cake because you have been asked to make a cake with the words “support gay marriage” written on. Now, I do not agree with the bakery’s stance on marriage and nor do I agree with the current laws in Northern Ireland on the matter – but I do agree that the bakery has the right to refuse service because to do so would go against the owners’ principle values. From a purely capitalistic point of view their decision also makes no sense but their Right to Refuse is paramount to all else – however, it was deemed Politically Incorrect for them to refuse.

LGBT identity politics is actually a good example to demonstrate my point about PC. Everyone has the right to identify as they wish but it is not their right to expect you to understand that – you have the right to be confused. A heterosexual man can understand that a man is homosexual but he cannot, surely, understand that man’s homosexuality itself. Indeed, the very idea of heterosexual identity is in itself a problem because the natural state of sexuality, which is simply without specific definition, is pitted against itself. We have in turn come to use PC here, to allow a formerly oppressed group freedom, to in fact endanger and muddy their condition – all people are simply human. Yet we must also come to realise that the concept of heteronormativity is indeed correct because heterosexuality is the norm – all other sexualities are less common. Thus this brings me onto another point of PC – minorities made the majority.

If we look at LGBT politics and race politics the hypocrisy stands where no longer have policies which simply remove discrimination from formerly marginalised groups – instead we have policies such as affirmative action. This kind of policy is wholly wrong because we should seek to allow people opportunities in their lives based upon their merits as people – not their race. We have in turn chosen to discriminate against white men in this country who are fully bodily and mentally able – potentially, the best candidates for the jobs. Now, herein lies the hypocrisy: advocates of PC are anti-discrimination in rhetoric but indeed believe that people who are the most well suited for employment should be given second choice to those who are from certain backgrounds and have certain sexual orientations. Thankfully, Positive Discrimination has been met with disdain in some places.

If you look at any society which functions well it has three things: traditional family units, law and order, and a common goal. I will take the three in turn.

Traditional Family Units

To say that traditional family units are important for society to work does not rule out same sex couples with children. However, the majority of families in the country should have strong mother and father figure and the family should be geared to provide a stable and loving environment for the children. The thing is it is not Same-Sex Marriage which has killed off the traditional family – it was a decline in marriage generally, a rise in divorce rates and a rise in promiscuity. There now exists very little sense of community outside of the internet or hipster cafes because our community was based around the concept of the traditional family and traditional roles. The traditional family is a cornerstone of our civilisation.

Law and Order

If a society has no sense of real Law and Order and the concept is really rather fluid we then see a lack of social strength. A society, as Rawls would put it, has to be well-ordered for it to function well and indeed without a strong sense of Law and Order we cannot function beyond an individualistic sense of consumerist advancement. Just look at the fact is that the law is still broken by people on a daily basis. Now, negate that fact that some laws are unnecessary and are broken because it is deemed by individual to be a lesser crime. Without a strong sense of law and order, backed by a common system of morality, a society cannot function and be strong.

Common Goal

Without a common goal then a society effectively renders itself meaningless and in turn causes itself to be overtaken by the kind of illiberal principles that PC represent. Without a common goal we see the kind of decline which has occurred in the West and still continues to happen. Our common goal should be to defend all that makes our society operate in such an effective manner but also to promote the rights and culture of our citizens. Also, although a majority blanket culture would be assumed regional cultures and variations would be maintained and preserved not, as we are doing in Scotland, promoted as nationally applicable.

Thus, as a short conclusion: PC in itself deteriorates the fabric of strong and well-ordered society. It promotes illiberal principles while claiming to be for the promotion of democratic and liberal principles. By its very nature it is fascistic while claiming not to be and for a truly successful society political correctness should be removed.

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