Robin Morgan: What A Man, What A Man, What A Man, What A Mighty Good Man (Say It Again Now) – Edinburgh Fringe

Robin Morgan’s free hour-long at the Fringe consists of some very sharp, relatable comedy. I was taken in, initially, by the extended title. The show centres around three of the most important men in Robin’s life – his infant son, his father, and his childhood best friend. Throw in some excellent social commentary for good measure, and Morgan is very much a male comedian for the modern age.

Firstly, Morgan has an amazing taste in intro music. As the audience filtered in to the banger better known as ‘Truth Hurts’ by Lizzo, I noticed that the venue was packed. It was standing room only for some. Morgan hops on stage and begins musing on the creation of Wetherspoon’s – again, very relatable comedy. He doesn’t let a moment go to waste; his pace is utter perfection, allowing for all of his jokes and some engagement with the audience.

There’s a healthy dose of discussion about the patriarchy and all it’s disadvantages, which is refreshing without ever being pandering. He speaks about raising a young boy in today’s society – admittedly after him and his wife were disheartened not to bring another Beyoncé into the world, telling his dad that he loves him, and the bullying he received when he was younger.

Another of Morgan’s strengths is how he engages with the whole audience- he’ll pose questions to us all and expect a response, and if there’s a particular person with an answer that sounds interesting, he’ll chat to them for a moment, sipping on a ‘Ginny Weasley’, as he calls his gin and tonic. There’s also plenty of room for jokes in the moment in his show, alongside all the scripted comedy. At one point, he was recounting how a woman in the show the day before had called him out on how many brothers Ginny Weasley had, and he had responded ‘I lost my virginity at 24, I think I know the Harry Potter books pretty well.’ It was, perhaps, the funniest joke in the show.

Morgan is an incredibly engaging and witty comic. He could choose to charge for his Fringe show, but he doesn’t. There really is no reason not to go see this ‘mighty good man’ at this year’s Fringe.

Robin Morgan is performing at The Laughing Horse at the Pear Tree every day until the 25th August at 4.05 pm.

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