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Right Wing Populism and the Clueless Left

It all started with the vote to leave to European Union this year when the UK decided by majority to vote in favour of leaving the European Union. We still haven’t seen this manifest itself six months on nor have we even seen the slightest whiff of a Brexit strategy but what is clear is that the liberal establishment is in trouble. Then we saw the Trump presidency become a reality, if he isn’t impeached before his inauguration, which was another mammoth rejection of establishment politics by the most powerful Western nation. It is predicted that if Italy rejects Mr Renzi’s proposals in their referendum then his promised resignation would incur a fresh crisis and the potential for the Five Star Movement to gain ground in the following elections. Austria is in the midst of conducting their own presidential election which exit polls are already suggesting that the far right Hofer has lost but still it is projected that he won a full 47% of the vote. Past this there is growing support for far right, anti EU politics in Hungary, Poland and the Netherlands. However, the greatest challenge to the EU’s hegemony will be in the French presidential election which could see the election of the National Front and Marie Le Pen.

The EU is the greatest embodiment of establishment politics but it is not necessarily the EU itself or right wing populism which should be our focus – it should be the cluelessness of the left.

The Richmond Park by-election was won by the Liberal Democrat candidate and overturned a massive Conservative majority. It was heralded by the liberal media as a vote against Brexit and what they perceived to be the racist candidateship of Zac Goldsmith. Owen Jones, a regular mouthpiece for the Guardian, took to his column to hail the victory as a vote against racism and in his usual self-righteous leftist manner he offered his opinion that Goldsmith should be ashamed and should not be allowed to run again. I’ve only just seen on Twitter people who are celebrating the concession of defeat by the Austrian far right in the Austrian election and memes aplenty have appeared to welcome it – the left and the liberal establishment still don’t understand what is going on. The left have a monopoly on compassion and self-righteousness. Compassion is heralded by the left as the greatest virtue – nay, the only virtue. When people cry out and say no more immigrants and no to equal marriage and no to abortion the left cannot do anything more than to label these people racist and out of touch – it is the left who are out of touch.

The leftist and liberal stranglehold on debate has taken place in the universities and the universities, and other such establishments and institutions, feed the sphere of political debate. With their studies and their research and their intellectual attitudes to today’s problems they have disconnected themselves completely from the struggles of the everyman. They have reduced everything to their own world of upper middle class privilege stuck in a world of subjective reality and cultural pluralism. They have invented the idea of 40 different genders based upon feelings and safe spaces for people who become nauseous when offended and they prevent people from raising their hands to ask questions because it’s politically incorrect. I know all this because I am at university and I am constantly reminded of the bubble that students live in – I don’t know if they are aware of it or not but it certainly seems to be a way of escaping the real world. The real world doesn’t care about your safe space policy or your gender identity issues or if you have a problem with someone saying the word ‘black’ because you have white privilege to check. The real world says get a job, get a house, get a car and get on with it and while you’re at it pay taxes on money you’ve already earned and you’ll have to take out a few loans just to make sure you can keep everything you’ve got – no help from mum and dad here.

This is what the left don’t get. When the labourer from Bradford or the cashier from Belfast or the mechanic from Glasgow say no to immigration and no to marriage equality and no to abortion, or anything like that, they say no because they wants to live in a world of order and justice where people don’t take more than they need and they only get what they deserve. They don’t dislike the Muslim or the black man simply because he is what he is but it’s because they wants to maintain their community for what it is because the government’s lack of a will to force people to integrate has led to a ghettoization so bad they can’t even remember what it used to be like before. They don’t like gay marriage not because they dislike gays but instead because they hate the nature of identity politics which tells them that if they think that letting homosexuals get married will change the nature of traditional marriage then they must be a homophobes. But most of all, when they get told that just because they were born white men, or women, in a white majority society they must surrender their own freedoms to disproportionately advantage BME communities because somehow even though they have to work 5 days out of 7 just to pay to keep their house and car and they haven’t even seen a wage rise in at least 5 years and they now struggle to take their one annual holiday abroad that somehow BME communities naturally have it worse. They know black doctors and they know Iraqi dentists and they know non-white bank clerks but somehow all along they were wrong just for being born the wrong colour.

That is what the left don’t get. They want equality of outcome to make up for all the past injustices and they use political correctness as a means to prevent racism and fascism ever becoming a reality. The reality is that people would much rather have fascism even when it acknowledges it as so rather than fascism masquerading as compassion.

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