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Bass player Rhos Horan has been around the world with his band Raglans, but they return to Ireland for three massive gigs this Summer; playing Galway’s Monroe’s, Cork’s Crane Lane on December 17th and 18th respectively with a big  home-coming bash at Hangar on December 19th.

Before this however, there is a small matter of a 7-date European tour. “We’re going back to all the cities we just hit when we were touring with Lifehouse. We’re going to Amsterdam, Den Haag, Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin, Frankfurt, and Ghent before we come back to Ireland,” said Rhos. “It’s going to be good. We’re really looking forward to it!”

The 4-piece band were afforded the opportunity to open for both The Fray and Lifehouse at Dublin’s prestigious Olympia Theatre within the last 18 months after a headline show at The Academy in March 2014. Hangar (formerly Andrew’s Lane Theatre) offers a considerably more up-close-and-personal feel for the 600-capacity crowd expected to come out for the gig. “We kind of wanted to do something new. We’d done the Academy and all that. We just wanted a more intimate setting. It’s a cool venue. I’ve been to loads of gigs there so I’m really excited.”

For almost the entirety of 2015 and 2014, Raglans have been touring around the World, be it with The Fray, Lifehouse or on their own. Horan admits that while the band haven’t had many major squabbles yet, life on the road can get draining. “Yeah, it [touring] can get a bit tiring, but then you have to think that you could be sitting at home working a normal 9-to-5 job and you suck it up.

“We’re all best friends though. Of course you get on each other’s wicks sometimes. You want to f***ing slap someone for chewing too loudly or snoring. But that’s the extent of it. We don’t really fight, we just fall asleep or have a laugh.”


Some good news for fans of the group is that they have been working on new tunes, and Rhos revealed that they had to make time to develop some fresh material. “We didn’t have time to write because we were touring all the time… We went down to Kerry recently, we found a little house and we just wrote loads of new songs. So we’ve done some stuff with them and fans will find out what’s happening soon.”


He also shared with us that their next album will have a slightly different and heavier sound. “The first album, of course we’re proud of it, but we’ve moved on a bit. It [their new album] is a lot harder. It’s a lot more up-beat and it’s just kind of more mature. It’s come along with us if you know what I mean.

“But it’s still Raglans. It’s just us on steroids basically.”

Credit: marfis75 on flickr

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