Rebel Bingo

Rebel Bingo is a loud, seductive, alcohol fuelled middle finger up at the classic game. Nowadays usually played exclusively by older women named Sue and Barbara, bingo has struggled to appeal to a younger audience as of late. But thanks to Rebel Bingo it may not die out in 30 years when the Sues and Barbara’s go senile.

It’s hard to know what to expect when you filter into the venue, drink in hand, along with a whole lot of other twenty-somethings and one or two Sues who are definitely under cover and going to report back to the World Bingo President (Queen? Overlord? I don’t really know anything about normal bingo or the hierarchical structure so you’ll have to forgive me). It’s almost a shock to the system when you are handed a sheet of numbers and a red pen and you realise you are literally going to be playing bingo. There is loud music and hot lighting. There are great non-monetary prizes aimed at us youths (£50 fast food vouchers, bottles of booze, etc.) There is a caller and ball chooser (technical term anyone?) who are goddamn sexy. This really is what it says on the tin – Rebel Bingo.

Rebel Bingo fills a gap in the market for a night out activity that is very cool, very niche, very clever and super tongue in cheek. All I can say is the more you drink the more you’ll enjoy it. And that one hour was simply not long enough. The crew are on tour so if you’re looking for something new to do with your mates, Bingo is finally on the table.
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