When the Rain Stops Falling – Bedlam

With a captivating trailer courtesy of Andrew Perry, the highly-anticipated EUTC rendition of “When the Rain Stops Falling” by Andrew Bovell sadly fell short of expectations, proving to be more style than substance, despite the clearly talented cast.  

Starting 15 minutes late, this show felt painfully slow at times, struggling to retain audience interest for the entirety of the two-hour production. Though visually stunning – with the sophisticated use of a rain curtain and well-choreographed umbrella routine – the opening monologue of this show was drawn out and the show would have benefitted from this being cut given the length of the production. Still, the colour co-ordination of costumes within this show was very well-implemented, remaining useful to guide the audience though an otherwise complex narrative time-frame. 

Despite evidence of hard work, some cast members seemed better-rehearsed than others, making the overall standard of this production incredibly varied with regards to character believability. Kelechi Anna Hafstad gave an earnest performance of Elizabeth Law, with a clarity of diction that was, however, unmatched by some of her onstage counterparts.

The performative chemistry between Georgiana Day and Charlie O’Brien as Gabrielle York and Gabriel Law was splendid to watch, as was the production’s climax, which saw a gripping performance from Megan Burns and Angus Gavan McHarg, as Elizabeth and Henry Law respectively, explosively go their separate ways. Some of these cast members would, however, benefit from a little more polishing with regards to learning lines, as their talent was sometimes undercut by fumbling over words, and a monotony of vocal expression which could easily be improved upon if given more time to rehearse.

Though incredibly ambitious, this mammoth of a production could have been better executed and may benefit from a cut or two, to ensure that the cast delivers a performance worthy of their talent.


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Daniella Cunliffe

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