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Polls open for general election

After months of campaigning by party leaders across the UK and never ending talk of a hung parliament, the polls have opened across the UK, put power into the hands of the electorate so that the people of Britain can have their say in how they want to see their country run. Between 7AM this morning and 10PM tonight, power really is yours.

You can follow the election here, at www.young-perspective.net, throughout today, the small hours of tomorrow and the negotiations between parties that seem bound to follow today’s vote. We will be providing a range of content from live text this evening to comment pieces throughout the day providing a unique insight into young voters’ perception of the 2015 election.

To read the multiple pieces we have already published on the topic head over to our politics category or search “general election” on our website. Below are a couple of helpful links to guides and information to today published by well known organisations.

Image: UK government © Robert Pittman (50144889@N08, flickr)

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