Politics and the young

Whatever happened to the youth and politics? When I look back at the past, through television and books, politics seemed to make more sense. There was great Trade Union presence; people pooled together their resources, ingenuity and expertise, fighting for what would benefit everyone. There was a great pride in working and striving to earn what was rightfully yours. Am I perhaps looking at it through rose tinted glasses?

Young people, especially when I witnessed it first hand at school, appear to be becoming increasingly disenfranchised and disillusioned when it comes to modern politics. I consider myself of a Socialist persuasion and in next year’s referendum on Scottish Independence I will be voting yes. However, my aim is not to make you a Socialist, nor is it to get you to vote yes. I would like to see young people making a bigger effort to educate themselves about the world around them; about how they should conduct themselves to be better people and to give themselves the chance to make better informed choices and engage in positive debate with others.
There are many different ways to access the news from different perspectives and, in the same way we do with history, you should always read from more than one source to allow yourself to see the story from all points of view. However, I don’t always blame us youngsters. I blame the politicians themselves, the newsreaders, the union leaders, musicians and all the rest.

We, in this day and age, have no one to follow. Popular culture has destroyed any sense that you have to fight to get what you want in this world and that instead you can have a well-paid job handed to you for free. Young people have to reclaim popular culture for themselves. Racism is a prevalent factor of modern society but who do we have to follow to fight it? The same goes for LBGTQ rights, BME rights, Women’s rights and the rights of every other in our society. We have lost our voice but that doesn’t mean we will lose our minds.

When you are next asked by a family member, a friend, or any other person what your thoughts on a particular issue are then get informed and engage with the people around you. My thoughts are completely biased towards my particular vein of politics, but even those who differ from me can agree that we all have to engage with one another in society for it to work.

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