Paul Currie: Cats in my Mouth (Heroes @ The Hive, 20.30)

There is a definite something of the Steve Martin to Paul Currie, whether it be the pure swaggering confidence, or the gesture of the arms thrown to the sky, mouth agape (which if you are a big Martin fan you will know exactly what I mean). Also like Martin, Currie is an immensely likeable and unique performer who is entirely original, unless compared to his owns previous works.

That is to say that; whilst you may see no-one else this year like Currie’s particular brand of modern clowning, if you saw him last year you will know exactly what this show is. This wouldn’t be too much of an issue if it was the same show, but this year’s offering has a new name and the repeated assurance that it is an entirely new show this year, even though it opens with the same ‘Never-Ending Story’ recreation as seen last year, as well as having several other bits that, whilst having been given an aesthetic overhaul, are essentially the same gag. This isn’t the worst thing in the world, as it would seem nobody can do the bizarre performance art-cum-clowning-cum-enforced audience participation as well as Currie.

A sumo wrestling type bum-based parlour game, thankfully unseen last year, does hilariously well and feels fresh, which is something that so much of this festival is missing.

However, if you did not see last year’s show you will love this offering altogether, and I would heartily recommend checking this out. Unfortunately, if you are a repeat customer you may find yourself struggling with a certain sense of déjà vu this time around. Although, to be honest, given how much of Currie’s act seems to be designed to mess with you head, this may not be altogether unintentional.

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