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North Koreans can only access 28 websites

The size of North Korea’s censored version of the internet has been revealed in a leak from inside the dictatorship. A glitch briefly allowed people outside the country to have access to the countries censored intranet system, which plays host to only 28 websites.

Previous reports had suggested that North Koreans could access up to 5,500 websites, however, a recent post on GitHub proved otherwise. Websites that can be accessed include a cooking website, a page for the country’s only Airline and Naenara the government’s official website with access to approved news, music and other content.

Access to the intranet, known as Kwangmyong is free to anyone in North Korea, however, purchasing a computer can take up months of wages and does require government approval. As a result of this reality, only a few thousand of the country’s 25 million inhabitants have access to this limited number of websites, while most go without the internet entirely.

One reddit user posted the full list of websites here, accompanied by brief explanations of what they are for.

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