No Such Thing As A Fish Podcast- Live

Do you ever get a ‘fun fact’ stuck in your head? Just a little one, doesn’t really mean much, but you want to slip it into every conversation you start, just because it makes you smile? Well, I have had about seventeen of those after seeing the ‘No Such Thing As A Fish’ live podcast.

From the ‘elves’ behind QI (the writers, producers, and fact finders that allow Stephen Fry and Sandy Toksvig to do what they do), this is just a really pleasant affair. Starting with what seems to be a more pre-rehearsed section, the show comes alive in the second half when the podcast element starts. Although such a thing – a non-scripted hour of entertainment – can be daunting, the clear chemistry between the four hosts, and their very evident joy at the subject material keeps things ticking over nicely. Although often you may find yourself more with a polite chuckle than a full on belly laugh, a smile will never leave your face.

Though it’s a basic premise (each of the hosts brings a fact they have learned for discussion), there is something particularly pleasing about the audience this show brings together as well. The age range runs the full gauntlet, and the mixing of generations is a joy to behold, particularly as audience members often can’t hold in their excitement at knowing a fact and shout out/join in with the panel. This is a glorious rebuttal to the growing anti-intellectualism seen in this country and throughout the world, and just made me really happy.

I am trying not to give any of the actual content away, as I would rather you just go away and listen to the podcast yourself when it is released, but I promise this will lighten up a dull evening. If nothing else, I recommend you at least look up the bizarrely fascinating fact behind the podcasts title, should you want something new to slip into conversation.

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