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Are we entering the home stretch?

Clinton and Trump win big

The rising challenge of their opponents could do little to obstruct their path to victory in New York. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump walked away with resounding victories on Tuesday, smoothing the road to their nominations. The Democrats were fighting for 291 delegates and the Republicans had only 95 to contend for, however the timing makes this one of the most important primaries of the race for the nomination.

Going into New York as the Democratic favourite, as well as having served 8 years as the New York Senator, Hillary Clinton was determined to put an end to Bernie Sanders’ momentum which had claimed seven out of the last eight states. With 57.9% of the final vote, Clinton reassured her supporters as well as those that remained undecided that she is still in control, as she stated in her speech that “victory is in sight”.

Bernie Sanders, a Brooklyn native, was unable to add to his momentum and cut Clinton’s delegate lead. Despite being victorious in 49 out of the 62 New York counties, it was not enough to combat Clinton’s control in Manhattan. He claimed 42.1% of the votes which is still a feat since in March, according to Emerson, he was behind by 48 points. This may have been the deciding factor in the primary because New York makes its independents declare the party they are voting for by January 6, three months before the campaigns really put in the effort to gain voters. Other states don’t have their independents declare as early which may be a reason for Sanders’ successes as their votes have been crucial to his campaign.

The Republicans saw an even greater disparity amongst the candidates. Trump won big with 60.5% of the votes, with John Kasich trailing in second with only 25.1%, followed up by Ted Cruz with 14.5% of the votes. Like Clinton and Sanders, Trump has ties to New York, being born in Queens and is a major player in the real estate business, holding properties all over New York City – the most famous being Trump Tower. The win was vital for Trump as it may smooth out his path to the nomination and eliminate the possibility of going to an open convention, which would greatly hinder his chance of being the nominee, no matter how many more delegates he has than the others. With this win he has become even more confident and even stated that “we don’t have much of a race anymore”.

New York may prove to be the clinching victory for Clinton and Trump. It’s been decades since the state was this important to the election of the nominees. Not since 1976 was it as contentious. However, Jimmy Carter, like Sanders, had started out unknown to many and was defeated by the more well-known candidate. Yet he was able to rally the rest of the states to claim the nomination and eventually the presidency. Although it may seem that Clinton has won, there are still many states left to add to the twist and turns of this race. A Democrat needs 2,383 delegates to get the nomination and a Republican must achieve 1,237 which means that this election process still has some ways to go before the winners are clear.

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