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Mum’s the Word 2

Mum’s the Word 2 is a witty smart and, most importantly, funny play about motherhood which is touring across Scotland. Mothers are such an important, prominent and omnipresent things in our lives that to see a play dedicated to them is really quite special.

All the actors were extremely talented with fantastic performances from all of them at various points. Each had a thoroughly developed backstory and their characterization remained on point throughout the whole show. Each actor has appeared in a wide variety of drama and theatre shows but adapted to the comical, touching aspects of this show easily.

Lorraine McIntosh as Deborah provided a sarcastic narrative and focus to the show ensuring the other characters remained on the storyline and did not diverge too much. Jane McCarry as Alison provided that nurturing friendly mother who could not believe their child could do anything wrong before it proved too late. Libby McArthur playing Robin brought a large dollop of comedy to the stage especially with her ‘Dear Partner’ letters sequence that Mum's the Word occurred repeatedly during the show. Julie Wilson Nimmo was stunning at Barbara. Playing the youngest mother in then show her most popular sketch was when she had to chase her ‘son’ naked across the stage. An unexpected extra cross across the stage left McArthur gasping for breath and struggling to resume her place on the script as it was obviously not part of the script. This kind of impromptu comedy really allowed the audience to empathise with the actors and enjoy watching them on stage. Suzie McGuire as Jill rounded the mothers off with that slightly hapless accommodating mother who is a little bit of a pushover to a certain extent but can provide a wall of will when necessary.

Overall it was a strong script, with very strong performances, the only hindrance is that it is targeted at mothers and this can exclude other audience members. Personally I could still relate to the part of the play when it reached dealing with teenagers but during the toddler and baby stage I was able to laugh along but empathy and relating to the scenarios was a little bit outwith my reach. Definitely one to suggest mothers attend as a production it is extremely funny and of a very high quality! Mum’s the Word though!

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