Hand in Hand for Syria collecting aid to deliver inside Syria

Charity announces more aid for Syria

Following the increasing coverage of US-led air-strikes against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, the suffering of the people of Syria has been marginalised by news corporations in order to justify action against IS and dehumanise any “collateral damage” victims of these strikes.

Moreover, the UN has recently announced it will be forced to cut food aid to more than 6 million Syrians in October, due to a shortage of funding.

In order to combat the suffering of Syria’s people, Hand in Hand for Syria is organising “The Big Winter Aid Drop”, which will take place throughout October as a national fundraising appeal for blankets, nappies, new baby and children’s clothes, winter clothes, shoes, women’s hygiene products, new underwear, and money.

Multiple collection points are being set up throughout the UK and individuals can also donate via Hand In Hand website or via an Amazon wish list.

Bushra, head of campaigns at HIHFS said, “Operating in Syria is extremely difficult, but HIHFS is able to ensure that all aid collected is delivered to those in urgent need inside Syria. The Big Winter Aid Drop allows the British pubic to make a real difference to the lives of the impoverished Syrian people from within their own communities here in the UK”.

Also read: Fadi Al-Dairi, director of operations in Syria and Turkey with Hand in Hand for Syria, speaks exclusively to Young Perspective about the charity’s vital work.

Image: Aid collection in London © Hand in Hand for Syria.


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