Misfit Warrior – Edinburgh Fringe

‘Misfit Warrior’ is a chaotic and determined middle finger of a show, resisting the dark by embracing the power of change and courage.

Diagnosed with HIV and cancer almost simultaneously, Saint struggles to control his rebellious and reserved sides as he slowly undergoes an excruciating recovery process. He wants to be vicious and carefree, but that means accepting something that frightens him. On the other hand, he risks falling into repeated cycles of self-loathing and catastrophising, unable to see the benefits of progress. The play is essentially a conversation between two halves of the same person, struggling to comprehend the awful hand that life has dealt him. As one of the songs tells us, Jekyll and Hyde have nothing on this.

Stuart Saint and his back-up crew have created a heartfelt show that does not just breeze past the traumatic details of the story with kickass synth-rock musical numbers, but gives pause to the realistic effects of grief and illness on mental and emotional health as well. It understands the dynamic between the two and portrays the conflict brilliantly. The music is, however, still great, and energising.

This show will re-affirm your perspective on life and challenge you to continue living despite the hardships you may encounter, no matter how extreme, and demonstrates how it is possible to unite seemingly warring forces within you. ‘Misfit Warrior’ is a hidden gem, that should be taken to the big stage ASAP.

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