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MINKY: A Sketch Show

Floating around before the Just the Tonic press launch trying to look like I knew what I was doing, I found myself in conversation with a performer, Kyle, from the Cambridge comedy group MINKY.

“Ooh  I’ve been handed your flyer and I saw your blurb in the catalogue. Thought I might go and see the show!” Connecting a blurb with a face is exciting stuff.

“Yeah do!” said Kyle. So I did.

The latest sketch show from the Cambridge trio doesn’t quite live up to its witty flyer expectations. Undoubtedly funny and imaginative in parts, but I couldn’t shake the feeling of being transported back to drama class at school. Well-received by the fellow pupils but slightly struggling outwith a classroom context.

However, it’s still early days for Yasmin Freeman, Kyle Turakhia and Henry Wilkinson. All are students at the University of Cambridge, Yasmin and Kyle recent graduates of English and Henry going into his third year studying history. They met performing in the Cambridge Footlights pantomime, wrote a few chat shows together and formed a group. This is their first time performing under the MINKY name.

“We receive a very small amount of funding from one of the Cambridge societies. It’s a self-funded show, which is great as it makes us a little bit more independent, but it’s much scarier financially. It’s fun coming straight out of uni and doing this,” says Yasmin.

Yasmin is a Fringe regular, having previously performed with other Cambridge groups in the past few years. Likewise this is Kyle’s second time performing in Edinburgh.

Writing the show is a group effort.

“The reception can differ massively according to the audience. Today’s audience loved the granny pants sketch while yesterday’s loved the tongue twister. Even changing the order of the sketches can change the audience’s reaction.” Kyle learned this from his experience last year at the Fringe.

I ask which is their favourite sketch to perform.

“One where I get to sit down,” Henry laughs. The tongue-twister sketch also proves popular.

The group plan on taking their show to other places.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to do a London run, or the Leicester comedy festival.”

All it needs is a slicker presentation and a tighter diet of sketches and the three will be well on their way to Leicester, and success.

MINKY: A Sketch Show Comedy is on daily until 20th (except 15th) at 11.20am at Just the Tonic at The Caves (Venue 88), Edinburgh. See the group also in performances of Afternoon Delight and in the Cambridge Footlights throughout the Fringe.

Image credit: Minky

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