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A Midsummer Night’s Dream review

Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ is often considered one of the most charming and complicated of his plays. Therefore, no two productions are the same or even similar. Propeller’s version was witty, hilarious and had moments and scenes of pure genius.

With an all-male cast I was slightly concerned as to how the women would be portrayed, though this concern was short-lived as Matthew McPherson and Dan Wheeler playing Hermia and Helena respectively were perfect, giving the audience a glimpse of how the plays would have been seen during Shakespeare’s time. That is not to say that the other men playing women were not also fabulous. Will Featherstone as Hippolyta and James Tucker as Titania were equally fantastic, both in acting and appearance.The men, of course, were fantastic. Lysander (Richard Pepper) and Demetrius’ (Arthur Wilson) constant struggle to obtain the love of the women was both funny and honest, really capturing the love of the audience.

Image: © Dominic Clemence

The same can be said of Puck, played lovingly by Joseph Chance, who was witty, energetic and truly spritely. The set and costumes were stunning and incredibly clever – I can say with all honesty that this production has been my favourite interpretation of the play to date.I am yet to see a performance of  Shakespeare that almost has me crying with laughter in the same way this show did. If you have the chance to watch the performance at the Kings Theatre, either of ‘A Midsummer  Night’s Dream’ or later this week ‘The Comedy of Errors’, I urge you to go. They truly are wonderful both onstage and even during the interval.

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