Margaret Thatcher: Queen of Game Shows

Margaret Thatcher ‘Queen of Game Shows’ performs at Assembly George Square Gardens at 9pm. Running from 16th to 28th August this is not a show to be missed.

Returning to Fringe for the third time after two sell-out tours of Margaret Thatcher: Queen of Soho, Maggie is back with a delightful new game show, ready to wow the Edinburgh audiences again.

Matthew Tedford plays Margaret Thatcher to the T. Her character is so flamboyant and all her jokes so Tory and pointed it is impossible not to love her – which is something people may feel quite difficult – a new found affinity with this widely hated political figure. The story is simple but amusing, peppered with political and current jokes Matthew Tedford and Jon Brittain have worked very hard to keep this show relevant and topical.


Her two handymans are hilarious and add more frivolity to the set. They bring famous political figures to the stage (Nicola Sturgeon and Angela Merkel to name a few) following loosely a Christmas Carol storyline to great effect. Audience interaction is a given during a game show and several unlucky members were drawn from the sold-out crowd to  take part in a series of increasingly silly and gaudy games. The game show is a suitably horrific piece of work fit for a ‘Tory’ game show host and has the sole purpose of deciding which members of the British population receives benefits.


It is such a polished production with a number of fantastic parody songs that get the audience on their feet dancing, there is little else to say except that this is the epitome of a Fringe production that should not be missed. There is little else as hilarious on the Fringe programme and nothing that is as witty or as clever.

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