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On Thursday night I made, in my opinion, the excellent choice of buying tickets for my girlfriend and me to see Marcus Brigstocke’s new stand up show Je m’accuse – I am Marcus.

I have always been a fan of Marcus Brigstocke, I listen regularly to the Now Show and Sorry I’ve Never Seen Star Wars – two radio shows worth a Google.

Despite being a Brigstocke fan, I had never seen him live. The opportunity had just never come up. So, approaching the show, I have to say I was a little nervous – what if he didn’t live up to my very high expectations?

To my delight and relief, Marcus Brigstocke proved comedy gods do exist, entertaining myself and the other audience members with a fantastic hour-or-so of comic brilliance.

Known normally for his furious and very strong political opinions, Marcus Brigstocke came to Edinburgh with a different show this year: a show Brigstocke described as “a very funny, very personal act of storytelling, vulnerability, but the focus is just on being funny.”
Brigstocke’s reason for this change in scene comes after performing last year’s show, Brig Society, over 100 times.

I did a show called The Brig Society last year, deep in the coalition, austerity measures, the cuts, solutions to those things and the state of politics. It was a great show, I was very proud of it, and I toured it for 100 dates, but by the end I was like ‘I’m done with politics for now, I can’t do it nonstop – it’s too sad, it’s too frustrating.’

“So I decided to take a break from politics, but I still wanted to be here [the Fringe], so I thought what would be the most different? Personal stories.

“I’ve always been a bit allergic to comedians who only talk about themselves because I think there are more interesting subjects, but I feel like my story from 24-stone Goth to podium dancer working on an oil rig to where I am now isn’t a bad old story.” He said.

Je m'accuse - I am Marcus
Je m’accuse – I am Marcus

For those who like Brigstocke’s angry politics, do not fear, he should shortly be returning to his old favourite, but take a break too – go and see his new show.

“I’ll probably return to something, if not political, socially satirical after this, but who knows. I am also doing Unavailable for Comment this year. It’s a topical show with different content every day and I love doing that, it keeps it interesting and it’s a challenge.

“I get up at 9 and read the papers cover to cover until 12, then I start assembling the show. I like it, it’s good disciple for me.” He said.

Marcus Brigstocke’s show went brilliantly, in my opinion, and is absolutely worth £10 to go and see. When I asked, he was similarly pleased with the show, although he felt he would still tweak it over the coming few days.

“The show went mostly good, I was pretty pleased. I am offering the audience a special board of story titles for them to choose from, it’s rigged, because the second half will always be the same. It’s a nice way to work, the show should be a bit different every day. I think there were some lulls in it that I would hope within another day or two I will have found my way through those, but mostly I was pleased. I enjoyed myself.” He said.

Je m’accuse – I am Marcus is a brilliantly funny and entertaining show not to be missed; it is Marcus Brigstocke at his best.

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