Magic Mike

WOW. What a show

To say it wasn’t what I expected is an understatement. Having never seen the film magic Mike, but heard plenty about it, I assumed I was in for a night of egotistical, completely naked boys gyrating around a stage – not my cup of tea. 


What I got instead was a cleverly put together, incredibly talented group of guys with the most hilarious female MC that left me completely astounded. No wonder the show has had so much success in the last year and deserved to celebrate its 1st anniversary.


It’s difficult to share too much without ruining the show for you, but what I will say is that you HAVE to go and see it. Especially good for a hen party, or to cheer up your friend who’s going through a break up, you will leave with your jaw on the floor feeling empowered, along with a few other feelings! 


The dancing and talent takes me back to pining after famous boy bands in my teens. The show balances incredible choreography and talent with a fun level of crudeness and a huge amount of sex appeal. If you want an extra piece of the action I would advise paying for the edge seats near the stage to get chosen to go up and dance with the guys. 


I was lucky enough to talk with the MC  Samantha Baines afterwards, a stand up comedian who has been with the show since the start. “Channing Tatum comes in to direct the show and he is great. As an actor himself he really gets it so is great to work with.” With such incredible choreography and such hilarity between dancing, you can tell the show has had the professional Channing Tatum direction.


I caught up with one of the dancers, the very handsome Jake Brewer, who has also been with the show for the last year. “The cast is like a band of brothers, it’s great to have the new guys in too, they’re so talented.” The bond between the group really shows, you can tell they’re having so much fun and are more engaged with the audience as a result. 


When asked how he manages relationships with such an intense show Jake said: “My girlfriend has come to the show three times and she loves it.” Don’t worry though ladies, the majority of the guys are single and you are likely to get a bit of action during the show. I was fortunate enough to get some attention from new to the cast cheeky New Zealander, Mark Lace, it was a treat! 


All in all, a fantastic show that takes an overtly sexualised topic and uses it to empower women while also just being a huge amount of fun. 


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