Madame Señorita: Espousa – Edinburgh Fringe

Possibly the best show I saw at last year’s festival was a clowning show performed to about five people in a coffee shop basement. It was so silly, and innovative, and the sheer physical charisma of the performer made the less-than-ideal venue fade away. As such, when I saw that the very same Madame Señorita was returning this year, it was one of the first things circled in my Fringe guide. 

Now, there is something of a disclaimer to put in place here. At the top of the hour, Señorita announced that she had previously decided not to do the show as usual today, worn down by small audiences, and instead was going to improvise and experiment throughout. Honestly, I have no idea if this is true or merely part of the presentation, but I shall bear it in mind.

This hour was a plea for love from the audience. Señorita sings in warning against begging for love, whilst doing so herself, and demands hugs from the assembled audience. There is something so amusing simply in the facial expressions of the clown. Every ounce of physicality ramps that up until the room is rolling with laughter at the simplest thing; a theatrical bow, or a glance to the audience as another audience member tunes her guitar.

Several songs are performed in this showing, and as well as being incredibly funny, the vocals behind them are always a highlight, genuinely impressing the audience when the sweetly sincere final song is played. This is just a show that will make you happy. The audience interactions, and there are many, are always wonderful even if there may need to be a warning in place for a splash zone. 

Again, I cannot confirm if this is indicative of the everyday performance. If it is, then it is a show well worth your time. If it is not, then it is a massive credit to this performer that she can bring such a wonderful and joyful show together out of nowhere. A definite Fringe favourite.

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