Lou Sanders: Shame Pig. 12.30, Monkey Barrel.

This is a slightly difficult review to write. From this hour, Lou Sanders proves herself to be a fantastic comic, with a great turn of phrase and an eye for a punchline, but this show early in the run is just a little shaky.


On the day in question, there are a few issues with forgotten routines, or tech failings, which threaten to derail the momentum her almost Paul Foot-esque delivery carefully builds. However, Sanders is clearly an expert comic, and is always able to pull it back from the brink, nevertheless you feel with a few more runs through this won’t be necessary.


The show itself is as fascinating as it is funny, a deep exploration of the concept of shame throughout Sanders’ life. This is done through a number of cards from the ‘shame brain’ (accompanied by a slightly grating sound cue each time), which reveal a past moment of mortification, such as childhood television interviews or run ins with psychic healers, each of which is hilariously well realised, and adds to the overall theme of not letting embarrassment take root within ourselves. Equally interesting is the approach Sanders takes in playing high status, pointing out how good a comic she is (and she is), whilst revealing these low status anecdotes. Again, this fumbles slightly due to the tech failings or drawn out looks at notes on the hand, but these are issues which will be ironed out quickly in the run, and when the material is performed as intended it is masterfully done.


Even with these wrinkles, this is a more than enjoyable hour which will breeze by, and leave you wanting more, and I can’t help but want to return later in the run to see a no doubt even stronger polished version.

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