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London Mayoral Elections: One Week To Go

There are only six days to go until the London Mayoral election on the 5th of May, where we will see the election of both a new Mayor of London and a new London Assembly. The campaign has thus far focussed around the Labour candidate, Sadiq Khan, and the Conservative candidate, Zac Goldsmith. Who is poised to win?

Khan has been endorsed by the Guardian while Goldsmith has been endorsed by the Telegraph. YouGov have Khan out in front of Goldsmith and easily in a winning position. There are indeed many other candidates but the reality seems to be that the popular vote is resting with the main two – Labour and Conservative. LBC and TimeOut London conducted their own polls which again gave Khan the lead – this was confirmed by Mike Smithson’s tweet. Khan looks to be holding a 10-20% lead over Goldsmith but Khan is wary of taking this too seriously.

As I mentioned above, there are indeed other candidates taking part in the race for election: Sian Berry (Greens), David Furness (BNP), George Galloway (Respect), Paul Golding (Britain First), Lee Harris (Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol), Ankit Love (One Love), Caroline Pidgeon (Lib Dems), Sophie Walker (Women’s Equality) Peter Whittle (UKIP), Prince Zylinski (Independent). Most of the candidates, most notably Furness and Golding, have rather unsurprisingly received no share of poll intention of voting.

At the same time, the London Assembly election will be held on the same day but there is remarkably little media traffic regarding this particular election. Labour currently hold the majority of the assembly with the Conservatives in second place. Some local papers may be offering some advice on who to vote for in each specific area but there has so far been very little analysis of poll data and very little interest in compiling a media profile on the election campaign – no doubt it has been dwarfed by the London Mayoral Election campaign and the European Referendum campaign also.

Being rather at a loss as to who will emerge the victor at this upcoming election means that it is hard to call it. However, we can only go with the polls for the time being and these suggest that Khan looks like he could clinch it.

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