LIVR: The Home of Theatre in Virtual Reality

Introducing LIVR: an incredible virtual reality subscription service with a selection of over 100 productions, that allows you to watch theatre ‘from the best seat in the house, without leaving the house’.

There’s this incredible feeling I get when I walk into a theatre: the community and spirit of the audience, and then when the house lights darken and the stage lights go up, I am on my own. My experience with what’s happening on the stage is deeply personal and singular. Then lights come back up and I’m surrounded by a buzzing audience again. It is this personal experience that LIVR encapsulates so well.

It works like this: for a monthly subscription of £5.99 a month you get access to a continuously growing library of eclectic and varied theatre productions. The plays range from ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Don Quixote’ to Koko Brown’s ‘White’ and ‘Boys’ by The Pappy Show. Once you put on the headset and select your production, you are transported into some amazing theatres, and fully immersed into an audience with a 360° view.

LIVR brings a brilliant attainability to both VR and theatre, (your subscription gets you a free headset for your iOS or Android device.) The possibilities for what this could mean in terms of theatre’s accessibility seem endless.

As a creator this makes me excited because LIVR has built a platform where my work and the work of others can live for others to view and enjoy. As a theatre lover this makes me ecstatic because LIVR has created a way for people to connect with shows they may never had the opportunity to see.

And surely, more people seeing theatre, leads to more people loving theatre, leads to more people making theatre.


To sign up, simply go to their website


My top productions available at the moment:

  • ‘Boys’ – The Pappy Show
  • ‘White’ – Koko Brown
  • ‘Songlines’ – Tallulah Brown
  • ‘Woke’ – Caitlin Skinner, PTS Productions


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