Lights Over Tesco Car Park – Edinburgh Fringe 2018

‘Lights Over Tesco Car Park’ is a small, weird show about small, weird humans searching for life and communication from beyond the stars. Over the course of an hour, the young theatre company invite the audience to listen in to exclusive interviews with ‘Robert’ an English man who claims to have spotted extra-terrestrial life above a supermarket one night. The atmosphere of this production is immediately immersive and eerily realistic, with the audience constantly guessing whether or not ‘Robert’ is really telling the truth – and if that even really matters. It is a perfect show for those who grew up with ghost hunting shows or have their tin foil hats lovingly still intact under their beds.

Interspersed throughout are also recollections of other E.T encounters that rely on creative audience participation as we all dive deep into the world of other-worldly conspiracy theories. The premise is thought provoking and the execution is hugely inventive; the stage becomes a playground that the audience are invited into with the promise of flying saucer sweets. And I have to particularly congratulate this production on the way they have integrated audience interactivity into the performance, as it is never purposefully embarrassing, but instead integral. The show literally cannot continue without audience members getting up on stage, but it is never intimidating. In a show that is concerned with connection and contact the audience is rightfully celebrated.

The technical aspects of this performance are incredibly well designed, with sound and lighting bringing life and intimacy to the show. It manages the sweeping shifts from loud pop music to solitary star gazing with great balance, and therefore never becomes as overwhelming or disorientating as it could be. The use of projection to simulate recorded conversations is also extremely engaging.

Refreshing and oddly heart-warming, ‘Lights Over Tesco Car Park’ is a strange show about strange experiences, and you will be beyond glad that you were part of it. And not just because you have the opportunity to eat brownies and sherbet sweeties.


‘Lights Over Tesco Car Park’ is performed at Pleasance Dome (Venue 23), 10:50am. Dates vary.

Tickets can be bought from the Box Office or online at



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